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EL Segundo based Strength Coach and Personal Trainer available to help you!

Do you want to……….

increase your muscular strength, lose body fat, become more mobile/flexible, perform better at a specific sport, or just learn/refine proper and safe weight training technique?

Are you………… fed up with “group” training programs not giving you the results and/or the attenton you were looking for?  Then, personal one on one training is for you!

Personal Training is for you if you are:

* A beginner, intimidated by weight equipment and unsure of correct   exercise technique
* Experienced and training hard but not getting the results you’re looking for
* Needing to lose body fat
* Having a hard time sticking with a program
* Bored with your present routine
* Injured or suffering from a medical condition
* Wanting to train for improvements in a specific sport

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists® (CSCS®) are professionals who apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance. They conduct sport-specific testing sessions, design and implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs and provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention. Recognizing that their area of expertise is separate and distinct, CSCS® consult with and refer athletes to other professionals when appropriate.

NSCA-Certified Personal Trainers (NSCA-CPT®) are health/fitness professionals who, using an individualized approach, assess, motivate, educate and train clients regarding their personal health and fitness needs. Certified personal trainers design safe and effective exercise programs, provide the guidance to help clients achieve their personal health/fitness goals, and respond appropriately in emergency situations. Recognizing their own area of expertise, a personal trainer will refer clients to other health care professionals when appropriate.


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